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Made in the UK but shooting everywhere.

Portrait photographer is my job, but it doesn't feel like work. Maybe there's a book to publish one day..

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Mark Harrison Photographer -

Over 30 years of capturing the great, the good (and the just plain odd), has given me a body of work of portraits of some of the most important and influential individuals you could ever meet.

I've photographed people for magazines, TV & film, advertising, book covers and annual reports. I've been shouted at, had people laugh (and cry) and occasionally squeeze me with joy. Most people are nice, although I often get asked who was really difficult.That's for the book..

Growing up in suburban Surrey I began to emulate my father’s fascination with the darkroom, producing prints of local actors for the Spotlight promo book. This gave me the opportunity to be a runner for a top fashion photographer, (not a bad gig), opening new opportunities for making a career of it.

Following a Degree in photography, I built up a portfolio of portraits of famous authors, whilst shooting a project on 'The Obsessed Fans'. Commissions from magazines and publishers soon followed.

Spending my life shooting unusual portraits of talented, arresting individuals, still gives me a kick. I can sometimes be found shooting pictures in tight corners of hotel rooms, ceilings of studios, or even attached to the side of an aeroplane-yes, it's that kind of job. No two days are ever the same and I wouldn't have it any other way (as long as the coffee is good..). I've even find myself coming out of a lift in Buckingham Palace, asking my host 'So who exactly am I here to photograph?'..

I have a long list of notable subjects (along with convicted killers and escapees from ISIS), including-

Pavarotti, David Cameron, Prince Andrew, Boris Johnson, Danny De Vito, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tony Blair, Al Gore, Margaret Thatcher, Prof. Stephen Hawking, Sir David Attenborough, Kate Moss, Alexander McQueen, Sir Richard Branson, Sting, Charlotte Rampling, Damien Lewis, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Gerhard Richter,The Duchess of Cornwall, Sir Paul Smith, Bill Nighy, Jude Law, Jeremy Irons, David Gilmour, Tilda Swinton, Gemma Chan, Benazir Bhutto, Emma Watson and many many more.

Several of my images are now held at the National Portrait Gallery, whilst others are winners of several photo prizes during the last few years.

When not shooting or at my office, I can be found with my family and Betty (the pooch with the ears).

Recent awards:

Portrait of Britain 2016

Portrait of Britain 2017

Portrait of Britain 2018

Portrait of Britain 2019

BLPA 2018

Portrait Salon 2018

10th/11th/ 13th/14th Black & White Spider Awards (Nominated +Hon. Mentions)

Creative Pool 2019 Bronze Award + People's Choice + 2020 Shortlist

Selected clients:

Sky, ITV, Compass Group, Saga, Stylist, Times Magazine, Waitrose, Men's Health, Radio Times, Burberry, Octopus, IOD, BBC, D8, Hodder & Stoughton, Avalon, Faber & Faber, UKTV, Paris Match and Stella.

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